Let’s start with dogs, regenerative medicine of Vetanic!

Animal regenerative medicine research has a long history, and the technology has been developed in the treatment of canine diseases from the beginning. The treatment involved harvesting special cells called stem cells from bone marrow and later from adipose; these cells was cultured outside the body to increase their numbers, and then returning them to the sick dog. Although similar methods have since been studied in cats; unfortunately, this research itself is still in its infancy.

Therefore, we have begun research on canine iPS cells and mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) to start with canine regenerative medicine.

Veterinarians have high expectations for this potential treatment, and nearly 90% said that they would like to use (regulatory authorities approved) MSC preparations from our survey of veterinarians nationwide.

  • Q MSC製剤(薬機法対応)を使用したいか?使用意向は概ね高いが、再生医療経験有りの獣医師は若干低い
  • Q 現状の自家調整MSCの課題は?各病院での品質の差 臨床でのエビデンス不足 期待程投与効果が高くない 費用が高い 効果判定が困難 幾つかの課題に集約され、その多くがK9iMSCで解決可能

Questionnaire overview.
・Number of responses: 107 people (107 facilities) *Roughly equivalent to 1,000 medical facilities for human.
・Attributes : -Experience in regenerative medicine:55 people with experiences,52 people without experiences
      /-Veterinary regenerative medicine notification:31 facilities were registered、76 facilities were not registered
       / -Region:Hokkaido,Tohoku,Kantou,Chubu,Kinki,Chugoku,
・period of the survey: 2020/06/27-07/12

iPS cells and iPS cell-derived MSCs can be converted into other completely different cell types (e.g., blood, platelets, nerves, etc.), making it possible to create various regenerative medical products in the future. Such products are already undergoing clinical trials in the field of human medicine, and many of them have been proved to be useful in animal studies during the development process.

We received many demands from veterinarians for treating diseases with MSCs, and it is expected to further advance the current animal regenerative therapies.

Once iPS cells are established, it is possible to cultivate cells with the same properties in large quantities, making it possible to produce regenerative medical products that have uniform quality and are easy to use. Even for diverse product development, we believe that the ideal form of sustainable regenerative medicine is to use iPS cells without relying on donor animals.

That is why Vetanic is pursuing research and development under the guidance of the government to create a veterinary drug with the aim of receiving approval and delivering it to veterinary hospitals. Let's start with dogs! From there, Vetanic is working day and night to connect regenerative medicine to all kinds of animals.

  • Let's start with dogs, Regenerative Medicine of Vetanic!
  • Let's start with dogs, Regenerative Medicine of Vetanic!

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